As cellphone take over, payphones are becoming a thing of the past. Many are disappearing from the streets in many cities around the globe. But a Japanese art collective Kingyobu decided to create some art from old payphone booths and have turned Osaka’s disused booths into giant and fully functional fish tanks.

The payphones have been retrofitted so that they can hold the water and the fish. They’ve waterproofed the box and installed an aeration system so that the fish can breath. But to keep it original, they’ve left he old phone system in there for that nostalgic touch. The phone booth aquariums feature goldfish (or koi), which are a common and widely recognized element in Japanese art and culture, as well as are associated with good luck and happiness. These art installations are pretty cool, but we feel sorry for those who have to clean out all the fish poop ’cause that’s going to be a pretty dirty job!

Kristie Bertucci

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