Although we’ve still got our hearts set on Wacom’s Cintiq 24-inch touchscreen monitor, their latest offering, the Intuos5 is an appropriate runner up.

Like many of Wacom’s tablet of a time before, this one also boast 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, a pen with its own sensor, express keys for shortcuts that you demand on the fly and a multitouch ring to control up to four user defined functions (brush size, layer selection, etc). However, what sets it apart from models before its time, is its compatibility with multigesture commands to help enhance your workflow. So, now as you draw, you can pinch to zoom, rotate your canvas using one hand without lifting your pen, as well as perform a variety of other gestures compatible with Macs, PC and any software. A wired USB connection is and has been the default option, but for some added scratch you can now go wireless with Wacom’s Wireless Accessory Kit, which they say lasts for up to 8 hours on single charge, though that time will vary with size of the tablet (the Wacom Intuous5 comes in small, medium and large sizes) and intensity of work. Other notables include a ergonomic finish (smooth edges) and some software updates that place the Express Key assignment and tablet settings on your computer’s screen so you don’t have to take your eyes off your work.

The Wacom Inuos5 starts at $229 and appears to be available now (it won’t add to our cart).

Christen Costa

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