Netflix and Starz’s contract expires today, which means all of Starz’s content will be pulled from the top Internet streaming and DVD lending site after February 28th. Starz decided to cut ties with Netflix back in September after a five-year $30-million-a-year contract that was implemented in 2008. The deal provided Netflix with 2,500 titles. In a prior released press release, Starz explained its plan to cut ties with Netflix because of their strategy to “protect the premium nature” of their brand. But some say that the termination of the contract was because Netflix didn’t want to implement a tired pricing system that had customers paying more for some Starz content.

Things have been rocky between the two started earlier when reports surfaced in March 2011 that Netflix customers would have to wait 90 days in order to watch new episodes of Starz original shows like “Spartacus,” when before they were available for streaming right after they finished airing on Starz. Some titles that will be lost include: Toy Story 3, Twister, Billy Madison, Scarface and Scream.

Kristie Bertucci

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