Man, where did summer go! We’re already in September, and Labor Day is this coming Monday, aka the official farewell to summer 2011. Wishing all readers a safe and fun holiday weekend with our weekly tech wrap up!

4. Bamboo Blackbox Cases

Made from Bamboo these eco-friendly, stylish and unique Apple laptop and iPad cases are just what you need to go back to school looking way too cool! Each case includes a leather strap engraved with the production number to make you feel even more special.

3. Necker Nymph Submarine Sea Plane

The three-person “aero submarine” is the perfect billionaire toy if you have the cash. It can dive up to 30 meters below the water’s surface and travels at the speed of up to 6 knots for about one to two hours at a time.

2. Razer’s Blade Gaming Laptop

Behold, the laptop for made especially for true gamers! The Razer’s Blade Gaming Laptop features a 2.8GHz Intel Core i7 2640M Processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M with NVIDIA Optimus technology with 2GB of dedicated RAM, 320GB HDD and a built-in 60Wh battery. It’s every gamer’s dream come true!

1. Mutewatch

Don’t let its simplicity food you! The Mutewatch may appear to be just a gray, rubber strap, but underneath is a touchscreen watch with a capacitive LED display.

4. Two Chatbots Conversing

A hilarious video of what happens when two chatbots go at it! Bet you actually have conversations like this!

3. Inkling Sketch Manager by Wacom

The Inkling by Wacom allows you to digitally transcribe your notes, illustrations or just doodles in real time to your computer, using ultrasonic and infared technologies. A very cool device for designers and artistic types.

2. Slingshot Cannon

The manmade 200-lb. slingshot can destroy a small car, making for a very cool toy! Check out the video to see what type of destruction it can cause.

1. Shot By An AK-47?

Seriously, the title says it all. A must-see video!

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