You know what’s worse than a film based on a video game?  A film based on a video game shot entirely in first person perspective.  While the style can be effective for select scenarios it’s a mind numbing experience if the whole film is shot from this perspective.

And that’s exactly how coming soon Modern Warfare live action film has been produced, which was released via the site (it now forwards to the below YouTube video).  Originally, we thought, as did the rest of the Internet, that it was a teaser site for the soon to be revealed Modern Warfare 3 video game.  Looks like we were wrong.

The quality of the film, based on this short trailer, looks no better than “made for TV”.  Hopefully it won’t end up in movie theaters, but if it does we’re suggesting that it be yanked faster than a parachute’s rip cord.  Anyway, you can peep the footage below

Christen Costa

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