Starbucks does a lot of things well. Coffee springs to mind first, but they also have an eco-conscience, letting gardeners take their tea and coffee left-overs to turn into compost, and now they prove to be business-savvy beyond their knowledge of making a good espresso.

After trying out the concept at select Starbucks locations, they’re now spreading their iPhone payment tech to all of their 6800 locations. To be honest, I didn’t know there were that many.

I also don’t know if Starbucks was among the first to offer this option, but it certainly was and still is the largest retail store to let you pay with your phone at their register.

All you need to do is purchase a gift card and register it online (I don’t get the point of not registering directly online..) and then download their Starbucks iPhone app. With phone in hand, you head on to Starbucks and pass that phone over a custom scanner. Voila, payment made.

When your balance gets low, you can recharge it with a credit card, and then have the choice to have it automatically refilled every time it reaches a certain amount.

Kind of like a prescription for coffee. And since Starbucks is working on an Android app, they’ll have the chance to serve caffeine to techies of all races, colors and creeds.