Sony’s Google TV Remote Might Someday Silence Critics

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sony google tv remote
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2 Comments to Sony’s Google TV Remote Might Someday Silence Critics

  1. I can't believe the silliness of logitech/sony/google in designing the so-called remote for google tv. Being a user of HTPC for several months I can tell that this remote will be the key to initial failure of google tv, although eventually someone would figure out to come up with a obvious solution. What these guys need is to develop a remote with something like a droid kind of slide out keyboard and with just 5-10 large buttons on top for regular functions.

  2. I call BS. This is Sony… the company known for the svelte VAIO, the sleek Playstation 3, stacked stereo components with a consistent look, and even designer walkmans (walkmen?). The remote is the worst-looking thing ever, and there's no way it's actually going to look like that when it hits the market. I predict the top (grey) area will remain the same, since it's a PS controller and Sony undoubtedly wants to tie their PS line into everything. The buttons, however, I expect will be replaced with a glass-based touchscreen based on some version of Android. One of the big selling points of Google TV is that you can use your Android phone to control it, so why wouldn't Sony take advantage of that?

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