Now there’s a new way for relatives to explore your family history when they come over for dinner.

Maybe sometimes you just can’t be bothered to tour the house with them and tell everyone that special holiday story. Maybe you have too many relatives, and hearing yourself talk can get repetitive.

Or maybe you want the generations to come to be able to hear your voice long after you’re gone. The Photo Album Storyteller will let you do that. Just record your voice with the pen shaped device, stick the bundled stickers on any photo, and whenever someone taps the sticker with the device, it will play the corresponding recorded message.

You can expound on the special ways in which every photo fits into the family history, you can identify every person present in the picture, and you can even go off topic as much as you want. The gadget has a stop button, so if listeners get bored they can move on to the next photo without hurting your feelings – since you’re not actually there.