The Adobe flash debate wages on.  Is it a practical technology for mobile devices to deliver an immersive experience or just a battery suck that can be replaced by the more efficient and Jobs’ favorite, HTML5?

Ryan Stewart, a Flash evangelist, showed off Flash working on the Nexus One running Android 2.2, which is currently in beta and due to the public on May 19th.  In the above video everything works dandy, but according to Jeff Croft, who was at a Seattle developers conference, not everything went as smooth when Ryan tried to show off the same flash sites on his Nexus One phone.  Instead, the site Eco Zoo crashed not once but twice.  When Ryan asked for another site someone yelled out Hulu.  Ryan’s response was that “Hulu doesn’t work” and then he wrapped up his presentation.  It’s unknown why Hulu won’t work with mobile Flash devices, but for the sake of Android users let’s hope someone fixes it, be it Adobe or Hulu. 

It’s worth noting that this video was produced as a response to the Seattle conference.  Ryan says the crash occurred as a result of a “running an interim Flash Player build, one I probably should not have installed, and one that I definitely should not have used for any public demos.”

[via Zdnet]


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