Bebo LanguageLOL, OMG, WTF — Teenagers are creating a new language to hide their conversations from adults, according to the UK’s Daily Mail. Lisa Whittaker is a post-grad at the University of Stirling who studied Scottish teens’ behavior on the social networking site Bebo and found slang never before seen. (I’ve never even heard of the site…I already feel old.)

Whittaker says the teens are creating abbreviations that go beyond the commonly used Internet slang like those seen at the beginning of this post. For example, “Ownageee” means ‘to be strongly attached to someone.’ And here I thought it was for when you destroyed n00bs. Of course, the aim here is to confuse their parents so they can do their sexting, drunk pics, and other naughty activities in private. When will they ever learn?


Christen Costa

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