And what a bulging rumor that is.  Would RockStar really bring us news of GTA 5 at this year’s E3?  Now that GTA 4 is officially done with all its DLC, E3 would be an appropriate platform to make such an announcement and I’m sure the fans and critics are ready.

While most people have surmised GTA 5 to be a return to Vice City, I would like to see something more from the esteemed series.  I need a change in location entirely.  I honestly want to see some snow and all the vehicles associated with snowy weather.  If not that I definitely want to see some seasonal changes this time around.

What do you want to see from the next GTA?

I still think a great IP would be an open world Death Race GTA clone that supports online matches and crazy car customization.  That or a swashbuckling pirate GTA with galleons galore.

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Jeff B