Well, folks, leave it to the Japanese to make a more advanced and yet much more terrifying version of every high school freshman’s secret dread, Baby Think It Over.

Today we’re talking about Yotaro, possibly the creepiest robot baby on the face of the Earth, and it’s also designed to be the best simulated baby ever made.  Yotaro is designed to be a baby simulator, featuring a touch-sensitive face and ports from which Yotaro can “cry”, or spew warm water.

It’s not a standalone baby sim just yet, though–it has to be attached to a series of devices to realize its full functionality.  It can wiggle mechanical legs once its “belly” is tickled, and contains a projector under the touch-sensitive face to show the appropriate emotional face on the touch-sensitive faceplate.

It’s creepy and it’s entirely too realistic, in a deranged sort of way.  All I know is, I’m glad I’m out of high school and never have to tackle a simulated baby.  Ever.