Now, you might look at the above title, and conclude that I’ve finally gone whistling fruitcrackers clear round the bend.  Or maybe just thoroughly insane for those who don’t like colorful metaphors.  But I assure you it is true–the Pentagon is currently hard at work spending your tax dollars on creating a line of zombie pigs.

It actually started with mice.  Researchers discovered that there was a way to remove sixty percent of the blood from a mouse, inject it with a drug cocktail involving hydrogen sulfide.  This cocktail in turn caused the remaining blood to stop flowing and the heart to stop beating, but here’s the kicker–it could be brought back to life later.

Convinced that they were on to something, those same researchers then decided to turn their attention to pigs, which have a surprisingly similar cardiovascular system to guess who?  That’s right, us–HUMANS.

This is actually being billed as a suspended animation system for soldiers in the field, who researchers project would be issued a syringe full of this drug cocktail in case of severe wounds.  They could then inject themselves and induce suspended animation, giving their cohorts time to find them and get them to field hospitals.

In turn, this is also a huge possibility for civilian applications, including everything from medical first responders–imagine what this would do for accident or heart attack victims?–to the missing component for interstellar travel.

Zombie pigs may sound weird, but they may well be the first step towards an incredible array of systems and products.