Well, folks…seems like you can now officially stick a fork in the Sidekick.  The first ever smartphone seems to be out of the game.

It all started earlier this week, when Microsoft announced they had lost all their Sidekick user data.  All of it.  Pictures, contacts, calendars…just plain old LOST.  Since Sidekicks access their data from central servers instead of storing it on board, that means every single Sidekick user (except for those who engaged in external backups)  just lost EVERYTHING.

Rumors say it was a failed upgrade involving a Hitachi SAN that took down the Sidekick network.

But Tmobile is sympathetic to the loss and in turn is offering a free month of data service–not REGULAR service, but data service.  More telling, however, is what Tmobile is NOT doing right now: selling any other Sidekicks.  Every one is showing “temporarily out of stock” on the Tmobile web site.

So you add all these points together, and it sure sounds like the fix is in for the Sidekick.