So here’s a fun governmental conundrum for you, gentle reader–if you’re out driving, and you get a sudden message on your Twitter feed about road conditions issued by the state on whose roads you’re driving, would you consider this illegal?

The irony is, yes, it is.  Using text messages while driving, even those issued by the state about road conditions, is illegal in several states.  The no texting while driving idea sounds fair enough, until you consider that the states in question are texting drivers about road conditions.

Frank Hornstein, who co-wrote Minnesota’s no texting while driving law, said this, which effectively shattered the state’s Irony Meter:

“You shouldn’t be fiddling around with any kind of electronic gadget in your car while driving.”

And in Minnesota, of course, the state text messages people to describe road conditions.  So basically, use a state service while driving, go to jail.