YouTube has spent the entirety of its existence relying on user submitted content to catch traffic, but no longer is that the case.  The Google purchase is now in talks with some large movie studios in regards to scoring the licenses to host motion pictures.  These studios include but aren’t limited to: Sony Pictures, Lions Gate Entertainment Corp., and Warner Bros. Studios.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in?  Not to blatantly quote Entourage, but doesn’t it seem a little to late for this type of service?  Apparently YouTube has been spending some time trying to acquire a catalog of premium content. To what avail I say.

Like Hulu, some of the content will be free as long as you watch some ads and there will then be the more premium content which will cost around $4.  I have a feeling that this is going to tarnish the slogan “Broadcast Yourself” as users won’t take kindly to the notion of paid content especially when it can be found for free in other places.  Thinking positive, if the regular format went unchanged, what would be the harm?

We’ll see.


Jeff B