Okay, anyone out there who’s worked in retail any time in the last fifty years, let me assure you that precious little has changed.

And the crew out at DSGi, a gadget retailer, has pretty much conclusively proven that by setting up a Facebook group and actually–GASP!–being candid on it.

Comments ranged from calling customers “stupid”, to describing in vivid detail unpleasant conversations they’d had with customers to even wondering if a cattle prod on excessively difficult customers might not be out of line.

Naturally, DSGi took the news of the fact that their clerks in general hated their jobs and the people who came into their jobs with shock and horror, proving they either are all as naive as four year olds or lying through their teeth.

It’s not surprising store clerks would be disgruntled with their customers.  Store clerks are wildly underpaid drudges who get virtually no respect at all and yet continue to take abuse.  But there’s something to be said for much more anonymous tale-telling, like drinks with your co-workers, rather than something that can be traced back to you.  Especially in an environment where jobs are difficult to come by.   Companies are keeping tighter watches than ever before, whether you agree with them or not, and it eventually pays to keep your negative opinion to yourself these days.