Gadget Rumor Or Leak: 3rd Generation iPod Touch With Camera

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15 Comments to Gadget Rumor Or Leak: 3rd Generation iPod Touch With Camera

  1. I think this photo is photo shopped but i dont doubt the next ipod touch will have a cammera because the ipod nano 5th gen will.

  2. dats hella fake!!,its just a 2nd generation ipod touch with a dot in the middle of it. whoever thinks dis is a real 3rd generation, your an idiot.

  3. obviously a fake, what kind of testing scratches an ipod lol… throwing down a cliff and see how durable it is? naah.

  4. If it was a durribility test then it would have a whole lot more scratches on it than that on does. Im not saying its fake about the camera but I am going to say that that is not a picture of the iPod 3G.

  5. this isn’t fake. ive seen 2 other websites with the same pics in different conditions. its all scratched becasue its a durribitly test.

  6. Fake… It’s just a used iPod Touch 2nd Gen. (see scratches) and as you can see the dot (‘camera’) is not really clear…

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