Talk about lame as hell gifts.  Being no stranger to posting on stupid ideas, I could have let this one pass me by, but I didn’t.  Looking as it only fits one style of iPod, the iTie is ripe for the approaching father’s day gift giving extravaganza.  Supposedly other iPod and BlackBerry ties are on the way, but it hardly matters as this product is the ultimate “too lazy to DIY”  gimmick.  Featuring a small fabric tag that attaches to the buttons on your shirt so the tie doesn’t dangle is a novel idea that every “9-5er” accessory should have.  Also a DIY scenario.  While a myriad of colors and styles are available, they all cost $50 each.  Bloop.  I think the pocket would be better served as a stash holder don’t you?

[via CrunchGear]


Jeff B