UK Government Claims Playing Video Games Will Make You Die Sooner

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3 Comments to UK Government Claims Playing Video Games Will Make You Die Sooner

  1. None_of_your_buissness3

    This is showing the level of addiction that people have to WoW this means alot…. Do I agree? No but there is a point

    • Animationhac

      If you hadn't noticed the Xbox logo in one of the 'O's of World of Warcraft… It's pointing out more then one game… >.> Just saying so that you don't make others miss what else in in the photo then what the huge ass letters is saying (in basic, all games ruin?)… Though i wouldnt say we die young… though, if your addiction make you not eat… well…

  2. Sedentary behavior leads to early death. Video games are sedentary behavior. It’s a logical inference to say video games lead to early death, a simple statement of fact, not a ‘bastardized claim’. If these adds get people to unplug more, that’s great.

    And that’s coming from a certified WoW junky. I’ve had this monkey on my back for over 4 years now, during which I’ve gained about 50 pounds. I’m exactly the person who these kinds of ads are directed at, people who don’t “use” in moderation.

    That WoW 2030 poster is bad ass (I want a wall sized version!), because it’s *inevitable*. Whether it’s 20 years away (unlikely), or 100, or 1000, that *is* in mankind’s future. We *will* have people who opt to completely drop out of real life in favor of a virtual life. People are effectively doing it today, crude as our present technology is.

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