By: Daniel O

Ewoo announced three new products a couple of days ago, HandMusic(above), EFizzTravel and Efizz. HandMusic allows users to connect their iPod to AV equipment while the use of the remote control allows you to easily browse your iPod from anywhere in your home. The controller has a 1.8-inch screen, which has the iPod interface, so it’s like having a bigger iPod in your hand. Priced at $180

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EFizzTravel (below) is a mobile stereo system that provides 20 hours of music on-the-go powered by batteries, contains a 2.0 audio system from Cabasse and is priced at $180 too.

Efizz (below) is the daddy of the three. It contains a 2.1-channel 70 Watts RMS audio system (ear muffs recommended) and a remote control with album art displayed. It also allows for digital and analog input and is priced at $570.

All the speaker systems work with all iPods from Nano 1G up.

Dan O.