If you’ve been using Google Maps to get around town, you no doubt know how frustrating it is to punch in the cross street to begin your directions. Starting today, or in the last few days, those using select devices (Blackberrys, Motorolas, etc, but NOT the iPhone) will be able to find their location via cell phone tower triangulation on Google Maps Mobile. If you recall, Navizon offered an iPhone app, albeit hacked, but nonetheless uses the same process to determine your location minus the indexed/logged WiFi locations. Google says that the service will come within “1000m close, on average” of your location. I don’t have a device in my hands to test with right now, but it probably takes a few seconds at least – no GPS like speeds. To use, just download Google Maps for your mobile, start the app and hit “0″. The service will then display your location with a blue dot surrounded by a transparent blue circle (this is the nonGPS version). The GPS version of the service represents you as a blue dot only, since it’s more accurate.

More info here.

Supported Devices

Google Mobile Maps PinPoints Your Location Without GPS [Techcrunch]

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