Toshiba Hi Def HD-A1 DVD Player

So who would’da thought that the forever looming HD DVD versus Blu Ray war wouldn’t, I repeat wouldn’t be the hottest story with the arrival of HD DVD players this month. The ManRoom got their mitts on the Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD player and took it for a test drive. What was discovered will cause grown men to cry, and tech enthusiasts to turn a pale sick white – so get your tissues and vomit buckets ready.

The manufactures and the damn movie studious have limited resolution output on some discs depending upon type of cable used to hook the HD DVD player to the TV. HDMI, which is known for its supposed copy protection schema, will provide the highest resolution of 1080. A component hook up on the other hand may be limited to 480 or 720, ultimately defeating the purpose of HD DVD as this is the native resolution of regular DVD.  As eHomeUpgrade points out, numerous older Plasma and HD compatible TVs lack the HDMI hook up, thus requiring a sizable investement in not only the already expensive HD DVD players, but a new television. 

Update (the above post has been in question):

From the HD-A1 manual according to the ManRoom: “HD DVD and DVD video disc creators have the option to include copy protection instructions in their discs that prohibit the output of some standard video or high definition video (original 720p or 1080i or up-converted 480i or 480p) from the COMPONENT OUTPUT jacks. If such instructions are present in the disc you are playing, you must use the HDMI OUTPUT jack to view the disc in a high definition format and the COMPONENT OUTPUT jacks, if activated, will output video only in 480i or 480p resolution.”

We also discovered this past weekend that Comcast HiDef boxes also require a HDMI hook up to access full HD resolution, where as Adelphia does not.

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