Make Magazine decided to play some real life frogger using a remote control Roomba and four lanes of traffic in Austin, Texas. The drunk creators managed to mod their Roomba with a Bluetooth chip and were able to control the vacuum robot via a laptop.

Roomba Frogger

Their goal? To cross four lanes of traffic avoiding getting run over. Unfortunately there was no log / alligator section. They dressed up the Roomba in a green shirt to create the complete frogger transition.

The Roomba Frogger managed to cross the four lane road 10 times before getting run over by a white Toyota 4Runner. That was 15 minutes of gameplay.

The creators next goal? Create a RF controlled Roomba for increased range so they could have played from the 4th floor of the Driskill hotel, their original goal. Obviously, this bird’s eye view would have been much better control and closer to the original. Who can blame them?


Roomba takes Frogger to the asphalt jungle []

Christen Costa

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