Google has a few references throughout their site to a new service — WiFi! Google recently set up the subdomain and users have already found a FAQ for this beta service at

What could this mean? Well if it’s anything like Google’s other offerings, it could mean free wireless web access through the United States or even the world. All powered by the beauty of adsense I’m sure.

While this is obviously still just a rumor and just one page of evidence on Google’s site, it does further explain why Google bought up so much dark fiber. Dark fiber is fiber, the stuff that powers the backbone of the internet, that is not in use by any ISP’s or telephone companies. Google bought up a ton of it, in which most people speculated they would use for transferring data between data centers. Others, who I thought were crazy, thought it would be for Google’s own ISP. Looks like I was crazy.

Christen Costa

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