What Is the Best Smart TV?

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Updated January 20, 2023

In this modern age, many of the best TVs are known for more than just stunning picture quality. Now, TVs can run apps, stream video and music on-demand, download and transfer information over WiFi, and so much more. This article will explain what is the best smart TV based on your needs and expectations.


  • Smart TVs come with a proprietary operating system that determines what kind of smart platforms, streaming content, and compatible devices the device can access.
  • An OLED display offers superior picture quality and gives deeper blacks and a dynamic range of colors than other display types.
  • Choosing the right smart TV will depend on your streaming, visual, sound, and functionality needs.

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The Best Brand of Smart TV

Smart TVs differ from their predecessors in one primary way: they can connect to a home WiFi network. From this difference springs many capabilities that were never possible on regular TVs. So below, we’ll examine a few different factors and help you decipher which television you’re looking for. And if you are replacing an old TV, make sure you donate your old TV if it is still usable.

Take screen sizes, for instance. Smart TVs come in all shapes and sizes, from an ultra-compact 32” screen to a massive 75” model. Additionally, leading TV makers tend to offer support for technologies like Dolby Vision and HDR10+ that provide stunningly bright and vivid images. On the other hand, Smart TV platforms are also a great feature and allow for access to streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, and much more.

Insider Tip

If you are in the market for a gaming TV, prioritize finding an option with a high refresh rate.

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Best Image Quality

If you desire the richest possible image quality, go with an OLED display. The top two brands that offer OLED TV options are Sony and LG. Both displays provide excellent picture quality, especially when creating deep blacks and lifelike images.

Smart TV features and vibrant colors are also top-notch, adding extra features to the overall viewing experience. OLED displays offer a cost-effective solution for anyone looking for an immersive visual experience.

However, they offer different operating systems. It should be noted that if you go with an OLED TV, there is a possibility of OLED burn-in. There are steps you can take to try and prevent this, though.

Best OS and User Interface

LG uses WebOS, which is considered one of the best operating system (OS) options for streaming apps and ease of navigation. It also connects with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Meanwhile, Sony runs on the Android TV OS, which is great because it connects to all Google TV services but still comes with exclusive Sony content. The only issue is that an Android TV’s OS crashes occasionally, but users are generally happy with the amount of content and overall layout.

Additionally, voice commands via Google voice assistant are also supported with Sony Android TVs, making it easier for users to control their smart devices through voice. Furthermore, both Sony and Google offer their own streaming devices – the Bravia Smart Stick is a great addition to your setup if you want fast access to apps and content, while Chromecast is an excellent choice

It’s not quite unanimous, but the consensus is close that Web OS is about as good as it gets for simplicity, remote control accuracy, and refresh rates.

Best Value

The dark horse candidate here has to be the HiSense television. They consistently fall on the lower end of the price range for smart TVs. However, they also come with an impressive amount of smart features, and the VIDAA OS scores high marks among experts and users alike. Also some features, like a smart TV with a camera, may not be available in the budget category, so if using your TV for video calls is important, these may not be for you.

Now that you know some of the top brands’ offerings, you can compare 55-inch Smart TVs to see which is the right one for you. Also, remember that the size of your TV will determine how far away to sit from your TV, so this should be taken into consideration as well.


If you are looking to cut down on wires or save on space, you should probably avoid buying a surround sound system.


Do the best TVs have 4k resolution?

4k resolution produces excellent image quality. But now, there are even 8k resolutions, although some say it’s tough to tell the difference between the two.

What is the best smart TV system for streaming?

You’ll have to check each operating system to see what kind of streaming content it offers. However, Roku TV is known for its wide range of content and simple platform controls.

When should I buy a smart TV?

This answer depends significantly on your budget and whether your purpose for the TV is something other than recreational. But after the holidays can be an excellent time to find sales on the year’s newest smart TVs.

STAT: Most TVs come with two HDMI ports. (source)

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