What Does A Soundbar Do?

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Updated June 27, 2022

As the best speaker systems advance, one point of focus other than sound quality has been to reduce clutter, bulk, and the number of wires. And one of the newest phenomenons in the speaker world is the soundbar. However, many don’t understand the benefits of this audio experience, so we’ll outline what a soundbar does and why you might consider one for your house.


  • Soundbars are an excellent option for those looking to upgrade from their factory speakers while simultaneously trying to save space.
  • While there are soundbars that offer great audio experiences, they still don’t quite compare to the immersion of surround sound.
  • Soundbars come in all types and can cost anywhere from $100-$3,000.

And for those considering purchasing a separate subwoofer for their sound system, we have a great article detailing what a subwoofer does.

How Do You Use a Soundbar?

The primary selling point for a soundbar is that it provides good audio quality while occupying drastically less space than a surround sound set. While the soundbar is an external speaker, it can be placed directly under the TV on the stand or mounted somewhere that’s out of the way. When there are no wires, it’s much easier to connect wireless speakers and soundbar to the TV.

Insider Tip

Before purchasing a soundbar, measure your room and the viewing distance from the TV to select something ideal for your space.

Most soundbars, like the Yamaha Yas 108, come with modern features and fall within an acceptable price range. In addition, there are many great options for smart soundbars that come with voice capabilities and many wireless speakers.

The soundbars tend to have decent internal speakers and come with options to expand, such as a wireless subwoofer. As a result, they are a good option for those seeking a better sound experience than their factory speakers provide without the hassle of wiring a large set of surround speakers.

And if you want to take a step back and examine the origins of sound equipment, you can check out our article that explains what speakers are and where they come from.

Is it Worth Replacing Speakers with a Soundbar?

The answer to this depends on your preferences. Because TV manufacturers prioritize the slim look of modern TVs, they often have to sacrifice sound quality. A modern TV’s built-in speakers won’t compare to a surround sound experience or even a soundbar.

If you have an existing set of separate speakers, such as a surround sound system, you’ll need to prioritize what you want when considering speaker options. For someone who craves top-quality sound for watching their favorite movies, sticking with the immersive audio of an authentic surround sound system will be the best choice. Consider a soundbar if you’re looking to save space, want something easier to use, or prefer smart products with a built-in voice assistant and a wide range of sound.


Many soundbars don’t come with remote control and have to be programmed to connect to your TV’s signal. Sometimes, this causes problems for people with older televisions.


How much do soundbars usually cost?

Cheaper soundbars start at around $150, but these will offer minimal features. The best models that offer Dolby Atmos and a range of smart features can cost up to $3,000.

Which size soundbar do I need?

It depends on the size of your room. Many people choose a soundbar that’s the same width as their TV, but the room’s size and viewing distance are more critical when choosing a soundbar of a particular size.

Do I need a soundbar with a front-panel display?

Whether your soundbar has a visual display is up to you. A front-panel display is nice and offers easier control, but this shouldn’t be the primary concern when purchasing.

STAT: The first soundbar was released in 1998, and the technology has seen continual market growth ever since. (source)

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