Ubfen Mens Womens Water Shoes Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you are an active water sports aficionado or just want the best water shoes for hiking or jogging, the Ubfen women men water shoes are great. Amazon prime verified purchase customer reviews tells us that these are among the best boating water sports accessories available. Other high contenders include the SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard, O’Brien Celebrity Combo Water Skis, and the Marchway Floating Waterproof Dry Bag. All of these items have phenomenal reviews.

Why We Like It – SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard

These water shoes are basically amphibious in nature, letting you enjoy your days and nights playing beach sports or water sports. Whether you want a shoe ideal for jogging, fishing beach games, or other purposes or one that will dry quickly after you were at the beach swimming surfing, or in a swimming pool, these shoes are the high quality clothing shoes you want on your feet. And while we are on the subject of quality, the Intex58837Ep River Run II Sport Lounge, is a quality product for relaxing in the pool or at the beach.

  • Quick drying aqua water shoes
  • Strong friction protection to avoid blisters
  • Extremely small drainage to remove water but not allow sand in
  • People found they are not ideal for rocky terrain
  • Does not provide ankle coverage


The Ubfen mens womens water shoes perform well when it comes to water escaping the shoe through the drainage holes. The mesh upper or top layer allows the shoes to breath. The sole features convex dots to enhance the ability to provide anti-skid traction, giving them strong friction when walking or running. The shoes offer protection against rough surfaces on the ocean floor when used as swim shoes or aqua shoes. If you are more of a water-surface lover, they make idea boating kayaking or canoeing shoes, as well.


The flexible twist of the shoe allows it to traverse different structures with ease. So, if you are walking along the bottom of the ocean, your shoe will flex with the ocean floor. When you leave the water, the mess and the drainage holes allow for a quick dry barefoot result. The soft texture of the shoe means that you can go without the need for aqua socks without the fear of getting blisters. The shoes themselves are lightweight, so you will have no problem loading your travel gear with a pair for the entire family. The review image on Amazon shows the portability of them.


The reviews on Amazon show the value in these shoes. Thre are many comments that contain an image review, as well. People all over the United States want to show how much they enjoy the mens and womens water shoes aqua and land wear and they go as far as asking people to please try them out for yourself. The flexible soles, mesh surface area, soft interior, and drainage holes all add up to an immensely valuable product at a very reasonable price.

SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard Wrap Up

Whether people reviewed the product right away or later reviewed them after owning the water shoes for a while, the consensus is the same; the shoes are highly regarded among land and aqua lovers. While not necessarily the best option for mountain climbing, you get a great deal of traction with the slip-resistant surface. The fact that the Ubfen drains water, but does not let the sand infiltrate is a huge bonus in a water shoe.

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