Ticwatch Bluetooth Payments Assistant Compatible Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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92 Expert Rating

Using smart mode on this Ticwatch Bluetooth Payments Assistant Compatible watch, with its layered display, takes it to a new level. The battery life is fantastic going anywhere up to 30 days on a single charge, which can allow you to make sure you’re not going to need to be searching for an outlet at the worst possible time. Check the Samsung Galaxy Android Smartwatch review to compare. Essential mode also allows power saving along with high sunlight visibility and also lets you keep up with your heart rate and steps with the health and fitness tracking feature, making this comparable to the best Android smartwatch. Worried that you’re not getting enough sleep at night? Smart watch sleep tracking with this Ticwatch Pro allows you to check your sleep progress over a 30 day span.

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Why We Like It – TicWatch Bluetooth Payments Assistant Compatible

Using a familiar Google interface, the Ticwatch Bluetooth Payments Assistant Compatible is a next generation smart watch. Perform features while using Google play apps, health and fitness tracking, or even pay using Google pay. And with up to 30 day battery life, you can expect more and more from this impressive device.

  • Google interface
  • Lightweight
  • Good battery life
  • Difficult to see in some lighting


The star of the show with this Bluetooth smart watch, is the more than impressive battery life. When checking out other customer reviews, this feature is mentioned almost every time, along with NFC Payments. Google pay allows for easy use, and when outdoors, the GPS tracking can allow your run or jog to take twists and turns…that you normally wouldn’t even attempt. Google pay works really well when stopping at the store for your energy drink. Tic watch pro has smart mode using Google Assistant as well as essential mode which allows you to get the most out of your watch’s capabilities.


When it comes to watch faces, this Ticwatch Bluetooth Payments Assistant Compatible is, I believe, one of the nicer options. The watch display is pleasing to the eye and has actually been given a design award for it. Bigger in size than most models at this price range, the silver bezel also adds a nice touch. Comfortable, and lightweight, you’re not going to be lopsided when jogging or any other fitness activities. Aesthetically, this watch can double as an everyday accessory, and not just a workout buddy. The bright screen makes it easy to spot and use even during the middle of a work out.


The excellent working features such as Google play, heart rate monitor, and other stable perks make sure you’re getting a solid watch at this price range. The battery life is the most impressive aspect, sometimes lasting up to 30 days on a single charge (look at the Garmin Vivoactive 3 GPS Android Smartwatch review). For most people, that is a valuable asset. And if power saving is part of your financial focus, essential mode tracks your current visibility, allowing your watch’s power to be directed to where it needs to be at that time. A pro bluetooth smart watch. at this price point, makes it feel like you are getting a bargain. However, if you would like to acquire a perfect smartwatch to help you achieve your health goals, this 10 Smart Watch Fastfox Smart Sports Wristband review tells all

TicWatch Bluetooth Payments Assistant Compatible Wrap Up

With a familiar and functional Google interface, the Ticwatch Bluetooth Payments Assistant Compatible, along with it being Android Wear compatible, is an excellent choice. Battery life can last up to 30 days which is mind blowing, and features like Google play give you the option to leave the house with empty pockets. Your health and fitness needs, also discussed in the Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch review, are all checked off with built-in features that do more than just monitor your heart rate. The watch is nice to look at, and has a unique design. If you want to track your sleep, just tap into that feature and you will be covered. All in all, this watch is a nice choice for the price point and is a great alternative to the more expensive options.

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