TheraBand Weights Adjustable Strengthening Physical Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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When you want to add resistance to your cardio home workout, grabbing this comfort fit TheraBand Weights Adjustable Strengthening Physical is a smart choice. These adjustable walking weights are perfect for strength training, home workout, ankle strengthening, sports, outdoors, and so much more, making these one of the best ankle weights. This wrist ankle cuff weight comes in two sets of 2.5 pounds each. Those using resistance to focus on certain body parts such as ankle strengthening physical therapy, will be pleased to use these easily adjustable weights. And best of all, this comfort fit wrist ankle set comes with free delivery. So, is it good enough to be considered the best exercise equipment? Learn more in this review.

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Why We Like It – TheraBand Weights Adjustable Strengthening Physical

The TheraBand Weights Adjustable Strengthening Physical are a set of two weights, 2 1/2 pounds each, which feature a neoprene exterior and adjustable straps for great adjustment, and moisture absorbing. Perfect for upper and lower body strengthening, the resistance weights are perfect for men, women and children. Easily adjusted with the custom fit reflective trim Velcro strap.

  • Strong strap
  • Comfortable
  • Long lasting
  • A bit bulky

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These ankle cuff weight sets truly enhance resistance with your home exercise and cardio workouts. The two sets of weights are easily adjusted to help strengthen training and rehabilitation programs without having to change the form and technique…not affecting the fundamentals of progressive exercises. Like the Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights, the Velcro straps are sturdy and solid on these Theraband ankle weights. Comfort fit wrists have soft and flexible material. They work well with all sorts of strengthening exercises, adding the perfect amount of resistance to your workout.


These fit wrist ankle cuff ankle weights, are soft, adjustable, and come in different weight increments, making it easy to adjust your workout resistance. These comfort fit ankle wrist weights have a towel-like terry cloth which will soak in your sweat, taking away the risk of slipping during your workout. Ankle wrist weight sets usually don’t allow for this kind of adjustment in heavy weight, but these allow for easy adjustments. And you can be comfortable that this fit ankle wrist weight won’t fall apart on you with its durable material.


When you look at customer reviews for these ankle weights comfort fit wrist straps, you can see that they are worth the price. For those looking to get a high-quality product at a reasonable price, this weight set, adjustable walking weights from Theraband are a smart choice. Much like the Healthy Model Life Ankle Weights, the material is a towel like terry cloth which is strong and durable, allowing for heavier resistant workouts without the worry of breakage. If you need good ankle or wrist weights at an affordable price, please try this product.

TheraBand Weights Adjustable Strengthening Physical Wrap Up

The TheraBand Weights Adjustable Strengthening Physical is a quality ankle and wrist cuff weights set. Adjustable straps are strong and durable and allow for easy movement. A set of two weights is included equaling the amount of resistance you are looking for with your workout, yoga session, walk, or whatever physical activity you were looking to add a boost to. Like the BalanceFrom GoFit Ankle Weights, it is easy to increase the weight strength to help rehabilitate injuries, or strengthen muscles. The material is durable and the straps are strong allowing for a wide range of physical use. If you’re looking for a good weight set for your resistance training, this one is good to try.

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