This case is great for the best weekender bag and any other bag.

It’s always the small items that are a pain when traveling. They get easily misplaced or completely lost, or you forget to pack some of your small things because, well they’re small. But what if you had a travel case that handled all of your small items?

Keep Your Small Items Organized

Something that is easy to access, keeps your small belongings in one place and keeps them safe? That’s what the Transit Travel Case is all about. This case was originally designed to keep items in your car glove box neat and orderly, but the new Travel Case is even better. It’s very helpful for organizing small items normally found in a motorcycle glove box and for general travel.


Us it on your motorcycle, in your car, or for travel. It’s great for any situation. Aside from being ultra useful, this case has a sleek look with a premium full grain leather flap that hides multiple pockets, while adding a touch of style.

Other features include a splash-proof zipper, premium full-grain leather flap with hidden magnet closure, gold lining for visibility, inside pockets include deep pockets on one side and elevated pockets on the other, leather pen holder and more. You can even opt for separate attachments like a leather wrist loop or nickel-plated brass carabiner.

It is ideal for carrying all of your small items like insurance or credit cards, flashlights, tire pump gauge, phone charger, maps, pills, passport, travel tickets, your phone, wallet, keys and much more.

The Transit Travel Case Is A Traveler's Best Friend
Keep your small items all in one place.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

All of your items will be together in one place, easily accessible and most importantly, with you wherever you go. I can’t tell you how many times I could have used a case like this in my glove box. And like I said, this is going to come in very handy while you are traveling as well. Don’t sweat the small stuff, just keep it inside of the Transit Travel Case.

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