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If you’re going camping this weekend the last thing you probably want to do is erect a tree house.  But what if we told you that tree house weighed just 11-pounds and could be installed in less than an hour?

Say hello to the Tentsile.  This tent come hammock is available in a variety of sizes, with the largest weighing upwards of 100lbs.  It’s made from water resistant polyester and hopefully won’t tear if you decide to get frisky while perched 8-feet above the ground.  Course, you could always use the included base, ideal for beaches or places where no trees are available, such as a snowy tundra, and it if happens to break, your fall to terra firma won’t be as drastic.

That said, the Tentsile stays afloat using tension.  So you’ll need three points of contact (three trees,etc) to wrap the Tentsile’s tentacles (i.e. ropes) around, so without those you might be spending a night on the ground, exposed to ground crawlers, bears, wolfs and whatever has enough muscle to drag a carcass back to its abode.  Once and if it is elevated, an included rope ladder can be used to access the portable tree house, preventing intruders from gaining access to your newly erected home, provided of course you reel it in.

We’re trying to dig up pricing and will update this article if they respond.


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  1. what is the price of this tent please, I’m searching for whole day but impossible to find. ???

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