TEKTON Adjustable Wrench Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Tekton adjustable wrenches are ranked as one of the best wrench products on the market along with the ToolGuards 22-Piece Ratchet Wrench Set, Tekton 15-Piece Combination Wrench Set, Tekton 10-Piece Crowfoot Wrench Set. They are chrome plated and are corrosion resistant. In addition the laser-etched measurements are a nice feature not commonly found on adjustable wrenches. So why do you need this top-rated tool? Learn more from this review.

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Why We Like It – TEKTON Adjustable Wrench

This tool is great for small projects that do not require a long reach to loosen nuts and bolts. The adjustable wrench had laser-etched size markings giving you the exact size of the hardware you are working on; it is ideal if you are removing and replacing an odd size bolt or nut.

  • Drop forged and heat-treated carbon steel construction
  • Corrosion-resistant satin chrome finish
  • Laser-etched size markings in 1/16 inch and 1mm increments
  • Low torque due to the smaller length

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The Tekton adjustable wrench has a fit jaw opening guide that measures the jaw size directly on the channel lock. This is a nice feature if you are removing and replacing a bolt or nut with the same exact size hardware. There is no guessing on what size bolt or nut you need to finish the job. The adjustable wrench is heat treated and has a satin finish precision machined slide jaw. This provides both durability and a clean look.


The precision machined slide jaw, and worm gear allows for exact fastener fit and smooth adjustment. Add to the fact that the jaw opening guide is notated with size markings in 1/16 inch and 1 mm increments. This allows you to know the bolt sizes without having to measure with a secondary device. The hardened steel construction makes the wrench strong, so you do not have to worry about it snapping when you are wrenching hard on a tight bold.


The Tekton adjustable wrench is a good deal for what you get. In addition, you get free shipping from the company, whether you are an Amazon Prime member or not. For under $10, you are getting a nicely constructed wrench that has measurement capabilities etched into the carbon steel. The 6 inch wrench has a ¾ inch wide jaw opening, making it fairly versatile, at least for smaller projects. Other comparable size wrenches are twice the price.

TEKTON Adjustable Wrench Wrap Up

The Tekton adjustable wrench is a decent tool for your toolbox. The knurling on the worm guide allows for quick jaw size adjustment. While the short length offers low torque capabilities, the hardened steel construction allows you to crank on it hard to loosen a stuck bolt. However, you are limited to how far away you can work from the item you are fixing.