Swaller iPhone Battery Case Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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iPhones tend to drain out their batteries pretty quick, and if you’ve had this happen to you without any charger or socket in sight, then you know how frustrating this can be. If you don’t want to be caught up in such a situation again, then you need the Swaller battery case for that extra battery life. This Smart battery case only works with iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone SE (2020), though there are other versions available that are tailored for later versions of the iPhone like the XS Max if your specific make model either of these three. The Swaller battery boasts of a 4500mAh capacity, and offers all round protection for your iPhone thanks to a hard-shell back plate. Get to the end of this review to find out what else the charging case has in store, and help us decide whether or not it should feature in our best iphone battery cases list.

Why We Like It – Swaller iPhone Battery Case

You’ll no longer have to keep your iPhone charging every now and then once you get the Swaller iPhone battery case. This portable charger will keep your iPhone on throughout the day, and well into the night so that you can use it to carry out your work. And if you’ve always wanted to own a 360 camera but can’t afford it, take a serious look at how the VRkit turns your smartphone into a 360 camera, and it’s affordable.

  • Large battery capacity
  • Supports simultaneous syncing & charging
  • Soft top for easy installation
  • Quite bulky


In case you’re not sure, a 4500mAh battery case gets you either 22 hours of talktime, 19 hours of web browsing, 20 hours of video time, or 62 hours of listening to music – a lot more than what you’ll get with the Mophie Juice Pack, or with the Trianium Atomic Pro 4200mAh iPhone Battery Case. Basically, whatever it is you do with your phone, you’ll be able to continue for a full day with power from the smart battery. The “smart” addition to its name mainly comes from the fact that the battery pack has 4 LED lights at the back that let you know how much power the battery has left (the Mophie Juice Pack also has these). The LED lights can be switched on by pressing the power button once, after which it will show the power level for 10 seconds. If you want it to begin charging, you’ll have to hold it for about 3 seconds, and to switch it off, press & hold it for 2 seconds.


The Swaller battery case comes in two colors; there’s black and rose gold, but if you opt for the Apple Smart Battery Case, you can get it in black, red or white. Anyway, installing your phone to this battery case is not difficult, though you might have to use some force to get the top back in. The front of the case has a rubber flip around the rim that keeps its screen just slightly off the ground, thus preventing impact from the contact that the screen would have with the ground if it fell down. The only cut outs the battery case has are for the camera, the flash, the charging port, the mute toggle switch and the speakers. The wake button and the volume rocker are both molded buttons, and with the case being as thick as it is, it might take some getting used to.


When charging the case, the manufacturer advises that you use the original charger that came with your iPhone, and therefore does not include a microUSB in the packaging for you to use. Connecting to your laptop or computer is a cinch because unlike many battery cases, you won’t need to remove the battery case as you do so. This allows for the case to charge and your phone to sync at the same time – a feature that you’ll also get with the Smiphee iPhone Battery Case. For both cases, wireless charging is however unsupported, so you don’t want to place the battery case on a charging plate. Lastly, if you happen to use an iPhone X, an iPhone XS, an iPhone XS Max, or an iPhone XR, the Swaller provides battery cases for each, though keep in mind that they all come with different battery capacities.

Swaller iPhone Battery Case Wrap Up

If you’re a power user, then this could very well be the best battery case for you. It’ll supply more than enough power for you to use your phone throughout the day, and with its soft top and rubberized grip, it’ll never slip off your hand and fall to the ground.

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