Suunto t3d Watch Review

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Updated July 5, 2022
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[rating: 3.5/5]


  • Solid build & very comfortable
  • Heart Rate Monitor is exceptional
  • Depth of analysis is staggering


  • Overly difficult interface
  • Buttons press to easily
  • Can get pricey

If you’re the type of training athlete that obsesses over statistics and the finest of details, than the Suunto t3d is for you.  Capable of compiling all of your training minutia and interacting with several Suunto peripherals, the t3d is quite the comprehensive beast.  While the t3d might be best suited for cardio related activities, I found it to be a bit troublesome when wearing gloves or engaging in any sort of wrist movement because the buttons were easily pressed when I didn’t want them to. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best fitness trackers in its price range.

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Build, Feel, & Aesthetic:

The watch is relatively lightweight and comforts the contours of my girl wrist with ease.  I wore the t3d across a variety sporting activities and never felt like its presence was a nuisance.  Beyond the overly sensitive buttons, the face of the watch was ultra resilient when it came to smashing into things and I never felt like I had to “watch” out for it.  As far as looks goes, the t3d gives the impression of a high end sports watch without the need for any undue flair or peacocking.  The band is comprised of your familiar sports resin, and the clasp works really well with fastening the strap and removing the watch with a quickness.  To be noted, battery removal is also very simple thanks for the hatch like mini manhole cover that easily unscrews with the help of a nickel.

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Modes & Use:

While the t3d has a bevy of modes to help you reach your training targets, by far the most impressive aspect was the real time heart monitoring.  The t3d syncs directly to the accompanied HRM belt and the results are swift and quite pleasing.  The band fits directly around your solarplexis and can be adjusted to fit your measurements accordingly.  I tested the real time accuracy during football sessions on the beach and playing basketball at the park.  The response time was great and it really helped let me know how hard I was working.

Unless your are a real athlete that demands a absurd amount of training data, you may find the t3 to be a bit daunting.  The average person that exercises regularly won’t even need all that the t3 offers.  Add on the companion website MovesCount and you’ll be blown away by how much detail is involved in nearly every aspect of a real athlete’s training regimen (see pic).

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My biggest gripe with the t3 is the navigation interface.  It’s just not all that intuitive and somewhat cumbersome.  You really have to learn it to make it work for you.  I’ve tried learning it and I still got confused and couldn’t get to where I needed to go when I needed to get there. Some people may be OK with the trial and error like schematic but I just got annoyed.


While this watch may be a tad over indulgent for the average exerciser, the t3d is the most comprehensive training watch I have ever seen.  If you’re looking for a watch to really dive into, I’d easily suggest the t3d.  If you are looking for a more clearly defined sports watch without the maze of menus I’d look elsewhere.  The MovesCount companion website is quite detailed and implements the whole community and social media aspect to your training, which really adds to the completeness of the package and should certainly not be overlooked.  Depending on how many peripherals you want to add into the mix, the price could get up there.  The MoveStick wireless data transfer stick is alone around  $70!  Add in the price of the t3d and you’re looking at around $200.  But what’s really the price of physical perfection?

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