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Are you tired while working? In pain? It could be that your office chair isn’t supporting you correctly and that you need a best office chair for lower back pain. Your chair should fit you perfectly to keep you comfortable and healthy. The Steelcase Amia Office Chair may be just what you need. Or, if you’re going for a bit of an upgrade, you should also take a look at how Altwork is a crazy expensive, crazy versatile, workstation.

It may just be the best ergonomic office chair for back pain.

This fabric chair has lumbar support that moves with your back, plenty of ergonomic adjustments, and a modern design. Plus it comes in a variety of colors. I tested this chair by working while sitting in it for 2 weeks. Read my ergonomic chair buying guide to learn what I thought about it. You may also want to read about the best office chair under 100.

Is The Steelcase Amia A Good Chair?

Steelcase Amia Office Chair
A comfortable chair with the right support.

The Steelcase Amia Office Chair is an attractive chair with a seat back height of 25 inches. It fits in any environment: At home, in the conference room, or at your personal workstation. It features LiveLumbar technology, which is a system of flexors that move with your back so that it is always supported. Chairs with lumbar support are the best for your back.


  • LiveLumbar technology
  • Plenty of ergonomic adjustments
  • Great design


  • Heavy
  • Lacks a headrest

Build Quality And Design

This office chair for back pain is solidly constructed, which is why it is on the heavy side. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. I can’t imagine it breaking or buckling unless a VERY large person was using it and even then they would need to really abuse it. The design is sleek and it comes in many colors. It should fit right in anywhere with your other office furniture.


As far as adjustability, you have a lot of options. You can adjust seat depth and the seat height with the adjuster, while the flexible seat edge relieves pressure when you recline or lean forward. This is key for alleviating things like pain in your hips. The height adjusts only a few inches though and the arm adjustments are very simple.

The LiveLumbar technology adjusts with your back as you move around so you are always supported. You have the option to adjust the lumbar support to the position that gives you the most pain relief. The four-way adjustable arms help you get just the right arm position as well. There is also a back resistance adjustment. Though the Live Lumbar back support is a nice feature, I would have preferred more of an adjustable seat. To add more comfort, you could also get the best office chair seat cushions that are portable, orthopedic, and extremely comfortable.


First, the LiveLumbar feature really does seem to give you support at all times and the chair did reduce some aches and pains that I normally have. All of the adjustments work very well. I was able to get everything perfect for my body. This is also a very comfortable chair as far as ergonomic office chairs go. I put in many hours a day in front of the computer and it felt great. Steelcase recommends up to 8 hours at a time in this chair, but there were days when I sat in it for longer and I didn’t mind a bit. It is comfortable whether used for business in a home office or video games as a gaming chair.

Bottom Line

I really love this Steelcase Amia chair and had a great experience while using it at my office desk, but I do wish that it had a headrest. Aside from that issue and it being heavy, this is a fantastic chair that I highly recommend. It looks great, feels great and actually helps your body. Those are the main things that I want in task chairs. It’s a little on the expensive side, but totally worth it. You don’t always need a highend chair. Amia chairs are definitely worth your time and Steelcase chairs are a very good buy. Plus, the Steelcase customer service, 10 year Steelcase warranty, and the actual chair being shipped to you fully assembled doesn’t hurt either.

Other top office chairs include the Steelcase Gesture, Herman Miller chairs, the Leap chair, Amia Air, the Steelcase Think chair, and the Herman Miller Aeron.

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