Sportsstuff Super Mable Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Sportsstuff Super Mable is a fun product for water enthusiasts. If you have a boat, you will want to have this product on hand when you have guests. This towable tube can give you hours of fun in the sun and makes the list for the best boating water sports must-haves. If you are not interested in water skiing with products like the SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard, the super mable towable raft is a great alternative. It is made of heavy duty materials and is air cushioned for maximum comfort. In addition, it has dual tow points for customized fun.

Why We Like It – Sportsstuff Super Mable

This raft will give your family and friends hours of fun on the water. It comes equipped with a full nylon cover and quick disconnect tow points. Riders can lay on their stomachs or be in the seated position while they glide across the water at a slow or fast speed. A great addition (or if you prefer something different) to the sportsstuff super mable is the Intex58837EP Riverrun II Sports Lounge.

  • Up to three riders can use the raft at a time
  • Riders can choose how they want to be towed
  • Equipped with a Speed Safety Valve
  • The weight limit may reduce the number of adult riders at a time


The Super Mable is a great rider towable water raft that can accommodate up to three children or adults at a time. While the item weight limit of riders is 510 pounds, that does not mean that adults cannot enjoy riding time too! It just means you can ride as a single or couple. Additionally, to keep your children safe in the water, remember to invest in a good life jacket like the Hardcore Water Sports Life Jacket.

Feel free to wear the Ubfen Mens Womens Water Shoes or keep your items in the Marchway Floating Waterproof Dry Bag for an optimal outing. The tow rope can be anchored in two different locations letting the riders choose which direction to lay or sit.


The ingenuity of the Super Mable is pretty remarkable. It was designed to be a multi-purpose water raft, where riders can either lay on their stomachs or be in the seated position. There is a quick change adapter to make the transition from one direction to the other relatively seamless. The seats are made from EVA foam pads and the webbed, foam handled have with knuckle guards for rider safety. While it is always advisable to make sure all hards are kept on the raft, that does not stop the amount of fun you will have on the tube. Also, be sure to note that the tube has a full nylon cover for fast drying abilities.


The customer reviews on the Super Mable tell it all. People enjoy riding the tube and the multi-function capabilities built into the design. The raft is air cushioned, but also incorporates EVA foam pads for enhanced rider comfort. The knuckle guards are an added comfort and safety feature. While some users experienced a decline in the quality of the raft after one season, it is important to follow the weight limits and storing guidelines. Other than that, you can have many hours of fun with this product.

Sportsstuff Super Mable Wrap Up

Overall, this top-rated water sports product is a must-have if you own a boat. While the weight limit may not be ideal for three adult-size riders, you can still enjoy a solo or couples mission trip. Moderate wear and tear have been noted with this Super Mable, but if you take extra care with storage, you will get a few years out of this raft. Having the ability to ride in a few different positions, rather than just one, is a huge plus.

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