Sportneer Weights Adjustable Fitness Walking Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Sportneer Weights Adjustable Fitness Walking weights set are five individual sandbag adjustable weights that are perfect for your fitness, walking, jogging workouts of all kinds. The Sportsneer adjustable ankle weights have weight straps that can be fit on multiple parts of the body. These one size fits all ankle weights set are for sure one of the best offered in the United States. Easy to use adjustable Velcro straps make it easy to tighten or loosen these comfortable adjustable weights. Wrist weight, and ankle weight, could be added for the resistance training you are looking for…making this one of the best ankle weights, and probably the best exercise equipment available today!

Why We Like It – Sportneer Weights Adjustable Fitness Walking

The Sportneer Weights Adjustable Fitness Walking weights are a quality two ankle weights strap with added weights for an excellent cardio exercise experience. The weights are adjustable and make it easy to add resistance to either at home exercises, walking, jogging, court training or physical therapy.

  • Strong strap
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Sandbags make a lot of parts

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Without a doubt, these Sportsneer wrist weights are made for quality and comfort, allowing your workouts, whether they be recreational or focused on, such as physical therapy. You can put multiple increments of lbs per ankle with different sandbags. The neoprene exterior allows for great absorption, so you don’t need to sweat all over yourself and worry about it slipping off. Much like the Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights, these adjustable ankle weights/wrist weights for sure do their job, and are perfect for adding the proper resistance to your workouts.


These 1 to 7 lbs black weights come in multi sandbag pouches that are sturdy and easy to adjust. The lbs comes attached to one size fits all sleek Velcro straps are easy to adjust to provide a perfect fit for your Sportneer wrists, ankles of all sizes. Similar to the Ankle Weights Healthy Model 2x2lbs, the whole pack weighs as much as you want it to. When adding these for any resistance training or physical therapy, these are some of the most comfortable adjustable weights. Wrist straps are not too tight and feel snug and sturdy.


For a really impressive price, you’re going to get a high-quality set of Sportneer ankle weights. Adjustable straps and comfortability are just a couple reasons to buy this product. Like the Balancefrom Gofit Fully Adjustable Weights, the price is all you get due to the free shipping and free delivery. The neoprene exterior material on these Sportneer adjustable ankle weights, have reinforced stitching, making these extra sturdy weights. Wrist weight straps for the ankle are strong enough to allow you to go hard on your workouts and not worry about it breaking.

Sportneer Weights Adjustable Fitness Walking Wrap Up

The Sportneer Weights Adjustable Fitness Walking weights are a resting ankle weight that comes in pairs of two to equal the correct amount of weight you want to add to your resistance exercise. Whether it’s for physical therapy, walking, jogging, court training, gym, CrossFit, aerobics, or any other at home workout that you want to do, these are the ankle and wrist weights you want to buy. You can adjust easily with strong Velcro straps and the five individual sandbags that can go from a 0.5 to 3.5 pounds easily.

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