SoundBot SoundBot SB210 HD Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The SoundBot SB210 Bluetooth beanie is a great winter accessory. You can listen to your favorite music through built-in speakers or use it for making phone calls without having to take your warm hat off your head. The talk time is longer than many Bluetooth headset devices. The SB210HD Stereo Bluetooth hat made our list of the best clothing apparel. This item is in a class with the ARW Carbon Fiber Wallet, ASICS Men’s Gel Venture Running Shoe, and the Gildan Men’s Crew T-Shirt Multipack.

Why We Like It – SoundBot SB210 HD

SoundBot SB210 HD This hat is a must-have in the cooler months of the year. If you are a winter sports fanatic or just like to listen to music, this bluetooth beanie allows you to listen to tunes, hands free, all while keeping your head warm.

  • 19 Color Combination
  • Hands free calling or listen to music
  • Stylish smart beanie
  • Not ideal in the summer


This beanie has an integrated Bluetooth speaker and mic this beanie should not be confused with the premium Soundbot SB210 Bluetooth Headphone Speakerphone). The battery holds a charge for up to seven hours of talk time and 60 hour standby time. The speakers are easy to use with simple button touches to turn it off and on. The speakers are easy to remove and replace into the hat when you want to wash it. You can also move the headset around to meet your comfort level. You can easily charge it through a USB port.


The headset of the Soundbot SB210 HD Stereo Bluetooth speakers is built into the comfortable and stretchy beanie. However, please try to remove the headset when washing as it is not a great idea to submerge the electronic components. While the hat can withstand rain or snow, a tumble through the washer with the speakers in it is not ideal. Otherwise, the Bluetooth compatible beanie is designed quite nicely. It is a one size fits all hat and the Bluetooth device is hidden so that you don’t feel it; it’s not uncomfortable to wear. For other good quality beanies, check out the Rotibox Rechargeable Bluetooth Fashional Speakerphone.


A typical beanie will cost you about the same as this hat that is equipped with Bluetooth speakers. Value-wise, it is a good deal. Add to it the fact that it has a built-in mic, and the value increases. While you most likely do not want to wear this in the summer, this beanie will serve you well on a cool or cold day. You can purchase a couple of different hats if you want to color coordinate them with your outfit or stick to a basic everyday color. The choice is yours. If you enjoy camping, this would be a great hat to have on your trips, as well.

SoundBot SB210 HD Wrap Up

Overall the SoundBot SB210 HD Winter Bluetooth Hat is a good item to have in your collection. It comes in many colors and is comfortable to wear. The hat is equipped with Bluetooth speakers and a mic so that you can listen to music or have a phone conversation without taking your hat off. On cold winter days, you will love this option, especially if you are a skier or snowboarder.

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