SoundBot¨ SB210 Bluetooth Headphone Speakerphone Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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A Bluetooth beanie, a.k.a., wireless smart beanie, lets you enjoy music or keep up with important calls without exposing your ears to winter’s bitter cold. It’s a great clothing apparel to have in winter. A wireless smart beanie headset is also a better option than wearing a hat on top of bulky headphones for outdoor sports or other physical activities. The SoundBot¨ SB210 Bluetooth Headphone Speakerphone earned the No. 1 pick in our Best Bluetooth Beanie buyer’s guide based upon its features, design, a very reasonable price point, and even a 1-year warranty.

Why We Like It – SoundBot¨ SB210 Bluetooth Headphone Speakerphone

The SoundBot¨ SB210 Bluetooth Headphone Speakerphone is a washable double soft knit that is warm and comfortable, with built-in Bluetooth electronics for wireless listening or hands free phone calls. SoundBot includes a 1-year warranty and email tech support.

  • Double knit material
  • Easy-to-wash design
  • Warranty
  • Sizing runs a bit small


The SoundBot¨ SB210 Bluetooth Headphone Speakerphone features premium double soft knit materials to keep you warm and cozy, while also sporting an easy-to-wash design. Maximum comfort in a one size fits most hat speakerphone cap built around Bluetooth wireless technology powered by an integrated rechargeable battery (the Soundbot SB210 HD Winter Bluetooth Hat is also a good alternative.) Comes in different styles and colors, (although not quite as many as is available with the Rotibox Rechargeable Bluetooth Fashional Speakerphone Beanie). Some customer reviews note that the sizing is a bit small. A 3-button control panel on the side of the beanie is easy enough to operate by feel, and has a built-in microphone for hands free calling. Pairing with devices is simple enough, as is charging the rechargeable battery using the supplied micro-USB cable. Sound quality is decent with somewhat greater presence listening to the SB210 HD stereo Bluetooth than with other similar beanies. Of course the proper positioning of the speakers over your ears is a main determinant of fidelity which is true for all Bluetooth beanies. Women with longer hair worn in a ponytail may prefer a Highever Bluetooth Ponytail Upgraded Headphones Microphone Beanie designed specifically for their situation.


The SoundBot¨ SB210 Bluetooth Headphone Speakerphone design has some distinctive aspects. For example there is a zipper making access to the active Bluetooth electronics inside the SoundBot SB210 less a hassle than in other beanies. Comes in handy taking out the stereo Bluetooth speakers and putting them back inside the beanie whenever you wash your knit headphone speaker cap. The speakers and electronics are positioned and held in place with hook-and-loop fasteners (a.k.a., Velcro), and have some degree of adjustability, again somewhat unique compared to certain other beanies. The electronics of the SoundBot SB210 HD stereo follow the typical form for such products. The “HD” (high definition) aspect does seem to give music played on the SB210 a bit more umph and loudness, although listening to any speaker hat/speakerphone cap will never be on par with high quality stereo headphones. The SB210 supports the Bluetooth V4.1 standard which although not the latest, is still reasonably state-of-the-art technology for pairing the SoundBot SB210 with any device. SoundBot claims their rechargeable battery lasts 5 hours, which is less than other’s claims, but is perhaps a more realistic expectation setting since real world battery life experiences vary widely. A charging port on the control panel allows recharging the battery with supplied micro-USB cable (similar to the Tutuko Bluetooth Speakers Rechargeable Christmas).


Wintertime sports lovers or those working outside in winter can enjoy a wireless musical while engaged in favorite activities (skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling), or less favorite activities (shoveling snow). The SoundBot¨ SB210 Bluetooth Headphone Speakerphone is quite reasonably priced relative to all other Bluetooth beanies and the features delivered in the SB210 make it a top choice. If a roomier fit and total warmth are more important factors to you then take a look at the Redness Wireless Bluetooth Outdoor Speakers Microphone Beanie which comes with a neck warmer.

SoundBot¨ SB210 Bluetooth Headphone Speakerphone Wrap Up

The SoundBot¨ SB210 Bluetooth Headphone Speakerphone lets you stay outdoors in winter while listening to your favorite audio content and/or taking telephone calls. Callers on the other end of your telephone conversations will be unaware that you’re talking on a “hat speakerphone” unless you tell them.

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