Snow Wolf M99 Airsoft Spring Sniper Gun Rifle Review

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Updated July 5, 2022
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This is the Snow Wolf M99 Airsoft Spring Sniper Gun Rifle from Airsplat.  You might recognize it if you seen movies like “Sniper” starring Mark Wahlberg, or if you spent sometime in the military.  In other words it’s modeled after the Barrett M82.  If you’re looking for a something with a bit more weight for your next hunting trip take a look at the best crossbow. To ensure your safety, read the best hunting and shooting checklist.

For interested parties, it’s $209.  Instead of using those costly air cartridges it fires 6mm bbs via a spring.  To load the weapon you’ll want to use the included tool.  Just be warned, there is a small part that connects the gun and the loading tool.  So small, it’s easy to lose as well as drop in the process of loading up the cartridge.  In other words, it’s a silly design and I’m not sure why it’s not just built-in to the cartridge.  But I’m sure there was a reason, I just don’t know it. If you love airsoft, you might also be interested in our review of the SAR12 (a paintball sniper rifle).

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Also included is a scope, a set of rail mounts, and a hex key. Once the scope is attached you’ll need to “right” it to get the M99 to fire straight. This is similar to the scope that you’d see on something like the M4 tactical crossbow.  It will take some trial and error, though with some patience, which you’ll of course need to have when loading the cartridge, it’s possible, though tedious.

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But before you fire the trigger, you’ll need to cock the gun, and thus place a BB in the chamber.  After all, it’s not an air cartridge based system, which is both good and bad.  Good, because you’ll never have to keep buying those expensive CO2 cartridges.  Bad, because the slider is damn heavy on this gun and if yours anything like mine, you’ll be wondering if it needs to be oiled up or if it is going to break after heavy use.

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That said I’ve yet to have a significant problem.  I still haven’t managed to get the Snow Wolf M99 Airsoft Spring Sniper Gun Rifle to fire completely straight.  The reason?  I don’t have the patience to make minute adjustments to the scope and nor can I see where or how far the BB is traveling.  So how do I know it’s not firing completely straight?  I’m not hitting my target.

Nevertheless, I like the weight of this sniper rifle, as well as the look.  The tip is a glowing orange, and for good reason; it looks like a real-deal gun.   The bolt action, as opposed to CO2 gives it an even more realistic feel and ensures that this weapon can be fired where ever, when ever.  The included bipod, while it works, is cheap and is but anything like the gun itself; one of the feet, which mind you was poorly welded, came broken in the package.