Smiphee iPhone Battery Case Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Smiphee iPhone Battery Case is an ultra slim, portable charger that can extend the battery life of your iPhone X or iPhone XS long enough for it to last a full day. The case has a battery capacity of 4000mAh, which is great for anyone who tends to spend a lot of time on their phone and is too busy to put it down for charging. The charging case is also quite well designed compared to other options in the market, and is available in either color black or rose gold. These are just some of the highlights of the Smiphee battery pack, so if you need to find out more about what it’s got to offer, feel free to go through the rest of this review, and find out if it’s one of the best iphone battery cases for you.

Why We Like It – Smiphee iPhone Battery Case Review

The Smiphee iPhone Battery Case is a sure win for the iPhone user that’s always on the move, and doesn’t have the time to always recharge their phone when it dies down. And if you’re into Blackberry phones, this review on the Blackberry Z10 set to launch on AT&T, march 22nd is a must-read.

  • Support for Sync-Through technology
  • Soft Top Part for easy insertion
  • 12 Month warranty
  • No support for wireless charging


A battery capacity of 4000mAh means you’ll be able to have more than ten hours added to your phone’s battery life, and keep your Apple iPhone on for as long as you need to use it. This is more than the combined capacity of the two 1430mAh batteries that the Apple Smart Battery Case has, making it a much better choice than the latter. The Smiphee iPhone case is also supported by all iOS versions from iOS 10, so compatibility should not be an issue. The bumper and hard shell back-plate prevent & absorb any impact from falling to the ground, and with no excessive bulking, the case maintains a slim design that makes it easier to store or hold.

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Sliding your phone into the Smiphee battery case is very easy. All you have to do is bend the soft top part, and you’ll be able to slide it in without any problems. The case simphee also has a soft inner patch so that your iPhone’s glass back remains nice, smooth and free from any scratches. Just like the Trianium Atomic Pro Review 4200mAh iPhone Battery Case, the Smiphee case comes with a power button at the back that’s next to 4 LED lights, which let you know how much power the case has. You also won’t get a charging cable with the battery case, so the manufacturer asks that you please use the original one that came with the phone, instead of a third party charger.


The Smiphee battery case comes with a 12-month guarantee for assurance of quality, so that if you ever come across an issue during your first year of purchase, you remain eligible for a full refund. Bear in mind that you won’t get that kind of policy with the Swaller iPhone Battery Case. Other than that, a couple of things you should know about the smart battery is that it does not support wireless charging, and that CarPlay doesn’t work with it either. On the flipside, the case does support sync-through technology as it is able to charge and synchronize files from your computer through the same lightning cable.

Smiphee iPhone Battery Case Review Wrap Up

Most battery cases that you’ll find in the market right now won’t even offer you as much talk time as you’ll get with the Smiphee iPhone Battery Case, so if you’re looking for a battery charger that’ll keep you going through your day, it’s really the one you should go for.