There are always situations where you want to bring just your phone and maybe a few cards. Maybe you’re going out for a run, maybe you just need to run a quick errand and will be home in less time than it takes to find your wallet, or perhaps you just want to go slim for the night. That’s where the Slyder case comes in handy. Before choosing a phone case, it’s important to compare if the iPhone 4s or the Galaxy SII is the best option for you. If you like camera accessories, take a look at the Schneider Optics iPro Lens System Review too.

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The case itself is simple, elegant, and functional; it’s built out of a polymer and comes in a rainbow of colors, so you can have a nice, simple case that will take a few hits. It’s not a fancy shock absorber case, but it’ll take the dings and dents of the day-to-day with ease. But the real advantage is the hidden space inside it. If you want a case that charges your phone, consider the Morphie Juice Pack Review for iPhone 4 instead. Or, read our Une Bobine iPhone lightning cable review and stick with the Slyder.

Just slide off the back and you’ve got a small storage space, perfect for a few bills, a credit card or two, your ID, and any other flat, simple items you might need kept on your person. If you don’t want to bring your wallet, it’s a good way to leave it at home. If you use your iPhone a lot, take a look at our EyeFly 3D review too.

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It’s unlikely any technology will get us to give up our wallets, no matter how much Apple, Google, and the like try to wheedle us to give them more money for the privilege of using our money. But sometimes you just need your phone, and if you don’t want to use mobile payments, Slyder is a good way to make your payments mobile. And if you want to safely tether with your iPhone, you will want to read this Gadget how to: iPhone tethering without jailbreaking review.

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  1. Hi, i just upgraded to iphone x max i really need one your case for that. I bought one for my i phone 8 which is smaller, and lloved it!

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