Sea Eagle 370 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Since 1968, Sea Eagle has been selling inflatable kayaks around the world and this has made them become a household name that you can count on if what you’re looking for a  kayak to move around with. The Sea Eagle 370 is one of their many inflatable light weight models that also happens to be great for beginners. It’s a sit-on-top kayak that has a healthy carrying capacity of up to three people, though most may want to stick to 2 to keep the leg room decent. To find out what else this top-tier kayak can do, make sure to get to the end of this review.

Why We Like It – Sea Eagle 370

If easy carrying and super fast setup are your two main priorities when looking for a sport kayak, then the Sea Eagle SE370 is the one for you. This inflatable light weight boat is great for sport fishing and comes in different package options for you to choose your best fit.

  • Sits 3 people
  • Durable & Versatile
  • Easy to set up
  • Difficulty in tracking despite 2 skegs

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The Sea Eagle 370 has been rated as being able to handle Class III whitewater, and this is thanks to its classification as a “soft sided” boat. This means it’s not as sturdy as an inflatable raft for example, and this is to allow it to bounce off of rocks and other hard surfaces in the water without much damage. The inflatable kayak comes with spray skirts that helps keep occupants dry, as well as a drain valve that drains out any water that collects inside the boat. Once you’re done with it, the SE370 can be folded to fit nicely into a storage bag, with of course the kayak seats removed first. Being inflatable makes it a lot more portable than models like the BKC TK219. Owners who hope to go fishing with it can also opt for the 370 fishing package which comes with only a single seat.


The Sea Eagle 370 is large,  measuring 34 x 19 x 11 inches, and comes with 2 skegs at the bottom that ensure better tracking. About the seats, each kayak seat is very comfortable, and is sure to hold your back well enough even for sport fishing. What we also found out is that most people prefer the Pro Kayak Package because of the deluxe inflatable kayak seats. They’ve got good back support, and can also be used outside your kayak.


We think it’s completely clear to everyone that the main win for this inflatable boat is how convenient it is to move around with. Inflating it takes about five minutes, and when you’re done, you’ll just have to fold it into its carry bag and throw it into your car. Owners also get a repair kit that allows them to deal with a puncture, and a foot pump as well as a pressure gauge to get it ready for action. Also, the number of inflatable seats that you get depends on which package you choose to buy. With the deluxe package you get two, while the pro package comes with 3.

Sea Eagle 370 Wrap Up

As we wind up on this review Sea Eagle, the final thing that you need to do is hop over to Amazon com to find out what new owners of sport kayaks have to say. It’s one way that can help you make a pretty clear decision on whether to buy it or not.

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