SAR12: A Paintball Sniper Rifle

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Updated June 27, 2022


In video games, where I have the option, I tend to be a backshooting dirtbag. I climb high, pull out a rifle, carefully line up my shot and… well, you know the rest. It’s nice to see the experience of playing completely unfairly is being brought to paintball, courtesy of the highly elaborate SAR12 paintball sniper rifle from Carmatech Engineering.

Looking at the specifications, you’d be forgiven for assuming this is an actual weapon, instead of just one that will splatter you with paint. The grip, for example, is from an AR-15, you know, the weapons platform the military invented, it’s got a bolt action movement, and the barrel is not the typical smooth-bore but a rifled one. It even has a clip that can fit twelve rounds, with an ambidextrous release. If you’re someone that likes to hunt, take a look at getting the M4 tactical crossbow too.

Essentially until you get to the fact that this uses air to fire off its ammunition, it’s basically a gun. It’s even got an intimidating flat black paint job, just to add to the air of “Don’t Mess With Me”.

That said, you’re unlikely to see this firing projectiles everywhere you play paintball any time soon. While it comes in three different configurations, with the full “rifle” coming in at $1000, you’ll need to buy a lot more to make it the ultimate splattering machine. Like, for example, the scope, which will run you $250. Or the engine to make it semi-automatic. Or, for that matter, the bipod to better control your shots. The magazines aren’t cheap either, at $40 a pop.

On the other hand, it might be worth the money just for that one moment where you finally hit that really annoying guy who always gloats when he wins square in the torso. Or the crotch. Hey, sniping is hard, there’s a lot of math, sometimes you get things wrong.

clip sar12-side-large Scope

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