Think TV and anything but socializing and exercise come to mind.  However, with Samsung’s lastest suite of Smart TV Apps you can workout, connect with friends and stay in touch with loved ones. You’ll need one of Samsung’s web connected TVs and of course an Internet connection, but after that its as simple as point and clicking with a remote.  Or if you wanna get real fancy, you can use your Samsung smartphone to control your TV allowing you to search the web, stream a movie from Netflix or pull up a recipe. If you have a regular TV that you want to make into a smart TV, you should also read how Sceptre turns your big screen HGTV into a smart TV. By the way, one of the best times to buy a TV is around Father’s Day.

But that’s not all that Samsung’s SmartTV apps have to offer.  You can stream music from a variety of sources including Pandora, pull up the weather, play a quick game of Texas Hold’em Poker or simply update your Facebook status with pictures and messages. While a ton of these apps are free, some you’ll have to pay for.  Also, make sure you check to see which models of TVs are compatible with which apps (list here).  The last point is probably the biggest drawback of the system, but hopefully over time it will become a non-issue as all future models will be compatible with all apps. The video up top is geared towards the younger crowd, while the one below is targeted at old folks.  Each one shows off a variety of features, but both depict a strange utopian like environment.

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