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The Samsung Galaxy A70 is an LTE factory unlocked smartphone from our list of the Best Android Phone. This phone is stacked with great pre-installed features like Samsung Pay and Smart Switch. Aside from the features, the sm a705m ds includes fast charging for your battery life, which is really good when you need to be on the go at all times.

Why We Like It – Samsung A70 Infinity U Smartphone International

The Samsung a70 infinity u smartphone international is the perfect companion for a constant traveler. Because it is an unlocked phone, it is able to hold a foreign sim card and still give you service as long as it is compatible with the carriers abroad. Aside from keeping you connected to loved ones, the dual camera will take some spectacular pictures and you can have fun trying to fill up to 128GB of space available.

  • Big Screen
  • On-screen fingerprint display
  • Might be expensive for some


This phone has enough specs that you won’t be asking for another new phone anytime soon. It comes with 128GB of storage but it can be expandable up to 512GB with an SD card. You will have maximum security on your device because of the on-screen display fingerprint. These specs come for a good price, so if you are on a strict budget the moto e5 display battery radio may be a better option. The best part about this Samsung phone is that it is a factory unlocked smartphone international device, which means that you can migrate on a variety of cell phone providers.


The octa-core processor makes this device super fast when opening up apps and things of that sort. The rear camera works great because of the low light filter. Even in the darkest situations, it will still develop a pretty decent picture, similar to the night sight mode on the Google pixel memory phone unlocked. When you’re watching your content, it will be looking clean thanks to the HD Infinity U display. If you still need convincing on this great phone, please read the customer reviews for their experience.


An unlocked smartphone international version like the Samsung A70 is the optimal choice if you will be traveling abroad or simply migrating to find the best cell phone provider. For a while now, people found Samsung to be reliable and innovative, so please try to read reviews on people that have made verified purchases. If these phones give you a bad experience, another choice from our list is the Huawei y7 dub-lx3 android phone. Rest assured, that it will be a great experience because not only do you have the google apps at your disposal but also the Samsung apps.

Samsung A70 Infinity U Smartphone International Wrap Up

This Samsung device may be a little more expensive than your average budget phone, but you will have great specs for less than the price of an iPhone. With an unlocked phone, you have no carrier to slow you down, and with the 128GB storage, you have plenty of content to create.

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