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The Rotibox Rechargeable Bluetooth Fashional Speakerphone is a 100% soft acrylic double knitted beanie hat that will keep your head warm while filling your ears with your favorite playlist. It is available in a wide range of colors and patterns allowing you to pick whatever beanie best matches your personality. It’s mentioned in our Best Bluetooth Beanie buyer’s guide, earning the Honorable Mention award second only to the SoundBot SB210 Bluetooth Beanie.

Why We Like It – Rotibox Rechargeable Bluetooth Fashional Speakerphone

The Rotibox Rechargeable Bluetooth Fashional Speakerphone is a warm beanie which is also a wireless stereo headphone that’s great for winter activities or outdoor sports. Available in many colors and patterns, it has great sound quality and is a cool Xmas gift.

  • Large selection of colors / styles
  • Transmitting distance
  • Quick charging
  • Setup challenging
  • Can’t fold up brim


The Rotibox Rechargeable Bluetooth Fashional Speakerphone combines fashion with tech so you can enjoy being outside in cooler temps enjoying your favorite tunes and taking hands free calls without earbuds. Many people found this beanie with integrated wireless stereo headphones preferable to earbuds or a headphone headset in cold weather. Beanie has built-in stereo speakers right next to your ears so only you hear music via bluetooth connection to your smartphone, IPOD, or any other bluetooth device. Pair you beanie to your device as you would any other stereo headphone. One size fits many and machine washable (with active electronics removed).


A beanie is a beanie unless it’s a Bluetooth beanie. The Rotibox beanie hat is Bluetooth enabled supporting the latest Bluetooth V4.1 specification, yielding good wireless range. A rechargeable Li-Ion battery powers the beanie for upwards of 6 hours according to Rotibox, although some customer reviews reported shorter battery life. Takes about 3 hours charging time to get the rechargeable battery back to 100%. Cable included. Sound quality is pretty good provided stereo speakers are aligned with your ears just right. Not going to replace high fidelity stereo headphones, but surprising bass frequency response…for a beanie. A simple 3-button control panel plus a microphone are on the left ear side. Some customer reviews reported difficulty pairing, but nevertheless seems pretty easy. Some people found that sizing didn’t work for them. It’s one-size-fits-most so maybe they weren’t one of the most. It is a tall-ish beanie also. You can’t easily fold up the brim with a Bluetooth beanie (i.e., toboggan or watch cap style) so please use judgement when picking from the many different style variations that Rotibox offers.


Bluetooth beanies are an interesting concept generally. Wintertime sports lovers will love listening to music while engaged in their favorite activity. The Rotibox Rechargeable Bluetooth Fashional Speakerphone is one of several different Bluetooth beanie options. The price is a bit more than other offerings, but the number of colors and style choices available is impressive. You can probably find one that’s just right for your image. The rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides a reasonable amount of play time. If color choices aren’t as important to you as total warmth then check out the Redness Wireless Bluetooth Beanie which comes with a neck warmer.

Rotibox Rechargeable Bluetooth Fashional Speakerphone Wrap Up

The Rotibox Rechargeable Bluetooth Fashional Speakerphone beanie hat lets you do your favorite cold weather things to wireless stereo music. Keeps your ears warm with less fatigue than sometimes happens when wearing other stereo headset options in cooler temps. If you have particular considerations like long hair, then put the Highever Ponytail Bluetooth Beanie on your shopping radar.

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