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For most of us, the only types of insurance that are absolutely worth having are health, motor and life insurance. Not many people give a second thought about buying cell phone insurance. This is completely normal, since if you only walk around with a phone that’s easily replaceable, then there’s really no need. On the other hand, if you own an iPhone or any other high end mobile device, having it insured would be a pretty good idea. You can opt to sign up with one of your mobile phone carriers to do this, or you could go for a third party insurance company like RMG group. If you’ve never heard of them before, this could probably be because they’re not as well known. Is it one of the best cell phone insurance companies around? Let’s find out.

Why We Like It – RMG Group Cell Phone Insurance

The RMG Group Cell Phone Insurance plan is perfect for anyone who wants to stick to basic insurance for their phone without too many complexities, but there are also options available for any person who may want to have a number of additional services added on top of their regular coverage.

  • Basic insurance & coverage offered
  • Multi-device coverage
  • Competitively priced
  • No deductibles

Coverage & Deductible

The RMG Group has a wide variety of insurance covers that you can take up. Aside from the cell phone protection plans, there are a lot more things that you can get insured, so feel free to look into them and see which one might be your best fit. For the purpose of this review though, we’re going to stick to the cell phone insurance plans, and you’ll have about 3 options to choose from. There’s the single device protection plan, the multi 5 device protection plan, and the multi 2 device plan. The single device protection plan costs $6.99 per month, the multi 5 – device plan costs $14.99 a month, and the multi-10 device plan goes for $29.99 per month. There is a setup fee of $10 that you’ll have to pay under each plan, as well as a Plus plan that offers Tech support, Identity Theft Recovery & Roadside Assistance. Unlike what you get with the Akko insurance plan, there aren’t any deductibles with any of these options, but there’s full coverage for loss, theft, physical & liquid damage.

Backup Services

There’s not much in terms of special or additional services that you’ll get from the RMG phone protection plans, as they’re only focussed on issuing extended warranties for your phone or other devices. You will however be able to sign up to 10 devices under one plan, which you won’t be able to do under the Geek Squad Phone Protection plan.

Customer service

Filing claims for anyone registered under any of the RMG plans is quite easy to do, and can be done online through an account that you create once you sign up. There’s also a number that you can call, and thanks to great customer service, there will always be someone at the other end of that line ready to assist you. Cancellation can also be done any time, but there will be no refunds if you’ve signed up for their annual or bi-annual payment plans. This differs from any of the Squaretrade cell phone insurance plans, where you will receive a reimbursement.

Security Features

You’ll have to cough up just a bit more money to enjoy security features with any cell phone plan offered by RMG. Doing so will have you subscribed to the Plus plan of your choosing, where you’ll have on-demand tech support, identity theft protection whenever you’re online and roadside assistance so that you never get stranded. There are also added benefits like same day repairs, where you can have a certified technician pass by your home or office, or you can opt for mail-in repair, where you’ll only have to wait up to 2 days to get your phone fixed.


The one thing we wish the RMG cell phone insurance covers included in their plans is a replacement phone. Even though they don’t support that, you will be able to subscribe to a plan regardless of how long you’ve been with your phone. This could be one or even two years ago, and you won’t have to pay anything in addition to the cost & set up fee.

RMG Group Cell Phone Insurance Wrap Up

In the event that you switch carriers or want to upgrade your current plan, you’ll be able to very easily do so without any worries. All you’ll have to do is contact the RMG support desk, and they’ll be able to facilitate that for you.

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