We’ve become a technology obsessed society, always looking for ways for tech to change our lives. The Ritot Watch wants to eliminate the need to have to pick up your phone or even glance down at your smartwatch to see who’s calling by projecting alerts on your hand. The first projection watch is currently an Indiegogo campaign and features special projection technology that you can use any time of day or night to see what’s happening with your social life. And don’t worry about getting skin cancer or a rash since the projection is totally safe for your skin and health.

Ritot Watch

So whenever anyone calls you, sends you a text message, Facebook message or a tweet, you’ll be alerted by a message projection on your hand. And you can totally customize the alerts you get via the Ritot App, as well as change the projections colors (there are more than 20 colors available). You’ll also get a vibration in addition to the projection when messages come in and simply shake your wrist to dimes a notification. If not, the projection will disappear automatically after 10 seconds. You’ll be able to wear the Ritot watch all day long since it’s waterproof and built to endure life.

Ritot Watch

The unisex design can display a 24 or 12 time display mode and the projection view is changeable for the left or right hand. There are two options: Sport and Bracelet. The Sport watch case is made of plastic with rubber inserts for a comfortable wear on the arm, while its strap is made of rubber and features a convenient padlock. It comes in  black, white, red, green, blue and yellow. The Bracelet option features a leather insert on an aluminum bracelet and comes in black, white, all black, brown and gold or black and gold. Get your own for $120 or two for $200.

Ritot Watch

Kristie Bertucci

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  1. Ritot is actually a scam. I work at a pico projection startup and very aware of the current and future technology that will be available. There is no projection module that exists today thats even close to the size they’re showing in their conceptual photos. They’re trying to sell technology that literally doesn’t exist.

    1. I read your comment about ritot watch. I actually have it in hands and it do exust and work.i bought it by a link shared on my instagram account.

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